SEC commissioner Mike Slive has spoken out about current NCAA investigations, processes and recent criticism by coaches and administrators...

"I have a sense that there are several of us that feel like change is important and addressing these issues from a national perspective is important," Slive told The Associated Press. "And I fully expect that we will do that, and I fully expect that the SEC will make every effort to contribute to that discussion and hopefully the appropriate action following those discussions."

"I think what everyone wants -- and this wouldn't necessarily be restricted to coaches -- is that when issues arise, that they be handled in a timely way," Slive said. "And that's not always easy when you're dealing with a process that doesn't have subpoena power and power to compel answers to interrogatories. My sense is that what Julie and Dr. Emmert are trying to do is find a way without those resources to reconfigure their staff and how they do things to try to address the question of timeliness."

"Each institution through its financial aid office has a number that is the full cost at their campus," Slive said. "I'm hoping and fully expect that that national discussion will take place and I for one hope that it will be adopted."
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