Tennessee athletic director Mike Hamilton resigned this week leaving the door open for a possible Phillip Fulmer return to replace him. Fulmer went 152–52 from 1992–2008 as coach of the Vols. Fulmer said..."

What I want is what's best for my university,"... "I'll spend my time over these next few days trying to figure out what that is and whether this is something that's real for me to be able to do, both from a professional and a personal standpoint.

"We'll see what the feelings are of the people there at the university and the decision-makers, and that's simply where we are right now. I'm not politicking for the job, and I don't need a job. But if I can help my university, I'm interested in doing that any way I can."

"I'm at a good place now in my life, and I'm not bitter about anything that's happened in the past,"... "It's about what we do from here, and this is an important time for our university.

"We all want to be proud of our school again."
This is exactly what Tennessee needs.
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