Arkansas has fired defensive coordinator Willy Robinson. Coach Bobby Petrino said in a prepared statement...

"I want to thank Willy Robinson for his role in helping our defense, which he leaves in better shape than when he arrived," "I have the utmost respect for Willy Robinson as an individual who wants the best for the young men he coaches. I give Willy credit for his part in the building process the last four years and wish him future success."
Arkansas finished 10-2 this season, but gave up a total of 79 points in their two losses to LSU and Alabama. Whoops.
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deaconscholar147 months
Class? And to think that Petrino was reported to be a serious candidate for the LSU job! Anyone who has seen the sideline behavior and the post-game handshake in the LSU game knows that Bobby Petrino has a serious problem. I recall a similar sideline situation during the broadcast of a Louisville game a few years ago. And let's not forget how he left the Atlanta Falcons. We just have to wait before something serious happens.
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LSUNO12010147 months
Petrino may have just cut his own throat...LSU scored 40 on Georgia and most schools this year and Georgia had a pretty good defense! Petrino deserves what he gets...he doesn't belong in the SEC!
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Flower Mound Tiger147 months
Somebody had the take the fall for losing to the top two teams in the country! Petrino is a pretty classless individual.
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Woverw147 months
Hopefully the new DC will teach Petrino something about "class" when they lose.
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