Get ready to see a lot of new Notre Dame bashing t-shirts as we approach the new year. Crimson Tide fans have designed this customized shirt for the game...

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reed morton136 months
Bama will win by 10. Not a bama fam, love LSU, but I root for the SEC in bowls.
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jdg91878136 months
Does the moron who creatd this shirt realize bama is like 1-7 all time vs ND and the legendary cheater of all time bear Bryant couldn't beat them. 0-4 in his cheating, philandering, alcohol filled career.
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3rdRowTrashTalker136 months
Well played, P@LSU. That said, I still like the shirt.
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CapitalCityTiger136 months
Must admit, that is a pretty cool shirt
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ragincajunkarl136 months
Notre Dame will be good and Bama won't be lucky :) Make them the SEC team to end the streak
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WPBTiger136 months
So if Notre Dame wins the game, does that mean that Bama is not good?
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Party At LSU136 months
Didn't see this shirt floating around when the Ok St. Kick sailed wide last November
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