On Saturday, when Florida TE Tevin Westbrook dropped a pass that wound up being intercepted and taken back for a pick six by Seminoles LB Terrance Smith, coach Will Muschamp let him hear it big time. This is the last time you'll see him do this as a the Gators head coach, enjoy...


I will miss his anger.
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TNG8r111 months
Our TE's this year has been awful... BUT Westbrook and Burton were both defensive lineman moved over to TE. Both has brick hands but what do you expect from them. Crazy to say but I will miss Muschamp. Would have loved for him to be our coach for a long time. Gotta win though... Did things the right way (other than wins/losses) while at UF. Cleaned up the program.
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gatortrav88111 months
yep westbrook sucks HAHA get em champ
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conman111 months
I can't blame Muschamp for being pissed. Same guy dropped a sure catch against LSU for the win.
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