The drama between Nick Saban and Jimbo Fisher has finally died down a bit. While at the SEC Baseball Tournament this past weekend, league commissioner Greg Sankey commented on their feud...

“What we have to do is turn the page,” Sankey said, via OutKick. “Because we have to think about what we see as the future, rather than the frustration that exists around the pace of change that’s happening. And really that’s at the heart of a lot of issues."

"What are the solutions? What is the structure that can be helpful to support young people competing in college sports? That’s the conversation,” he added. "Not what happens between two people. We have to elevate our dialogue.”
(The Spun)
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But there's no feud. Nick Saban voiced some truths and Jimbo Fisher threw some tantrums. This so called feud is a one way street.
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Nick Saban started the feud.
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