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The NCAA previously approved a rule change that prohibited schools from hosting satellite camps outside of its own campus. And now they have changed their mind...

According to this release from the NCAA, the ban on satellite camps for Bowl Subdivision football teams has been rescinded. Per

The camps and clinics rule received widespread attention after its adoption, with supporters contending the rule would keep coaches on campus with current student-athletes and steer recruiting toward the scholastic environment. Detractors believe the camps provide opportunities for previously un-recruited student-athletes to be noticed by high-profile coaches and possibly receive scholarships.

The Board’s action means the camps and clinics rule currently legislated is in effect and football coaches may be employed at any camp that follows Division I camps and clinics rules.
The original decision to ban satellite camps was something that many coaches in the SEC and ACC were in favor of.

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Well guess who is rescinding their ban on camps too, SEC worldwide prestige going coast to coast now. boats and Hoes
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