In a time where we're always hearing about the trouble players are getting in off the field, it's nice to hear something good. Mississippi State coach Dan Mullen received this letter from a Connecticut resident who stayed in the same Miami hotel as the team during the Orange Bowl. In the letter he talks about how impressed he was with how the Bulldogs represented themselves...
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WhitewaterDawg104 months
Go brush your teeth and STFU Zach.
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Pavoloco83104 months
Good on the MSU players. The writer however, should be teaching the same manners to her own children that she herself learned in east Texas. They should not be "amazed" that young men raised in the south say these things.
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DownSouthJukin104 months
Mullen has too much time on his hands.
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LSULyle00690104 months
Great 2016 season? What about 2015? She's picking them last in the west
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DrunkenStuporMan104 months
Why did it take until June 21 to write this?
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Dr. Morgus104 months
Guess they never got their crotch stomped by one of their linemen....
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auzach91104 months
This screams of a miss st fan writing this
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