Kentucky's Aaron & Andrew Harrison Buy Their Mom New BMW
Mark Zerof-USA TODAY Sports
Kentucky's Aaron and Andrew Harrison didn't wait until they get their NBA money to thank their mother for everything she's done for them. The twins went out and surprised her with this new BMW...

Love this lady more than anything! She deserves it. So happy my brother and I could make her smile this big. Love you momma!

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bhamtbone105 months
i bet her house is super nice.
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BuddyLAM105 months
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mglsu21105 months
Looks like a perfect pic for the Fark Board legends to have Reuben Foster laying asleep on the other side.
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Sleazy E105 months
Are they sure playing in Serbia is going to be able to pay for that?
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saint amant steve105 months
Is it wrong for me to hope that neither one of them gets drafted? Talk about putting the cart before the horse...
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Jack Daniel105 months
Did I miss that they were drafted already? Or is this from the Kentucky contract?
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