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re: ***Attention: DO NOT LOOK AT TBIRDs, MINE IS BETTER***

All of yall lurkers and even long time posters need to get yalls shite together. Crying about Texas is a terrible look, especially on tRant.

Chill the frick out, we're gonna get to whoop their asses again, this is great.

Lastly, this is happening. Get over it.

I just found out about this mess yesterday and am still in denial mode I think, I’m not sold it’ll happen. It’s two sides of the same coin for me. On one side I’d love to see the rivalry renewed (My dad and grandfather are over it) but I think it’d be good for football. On the other side I’ve got a bad feeling about tu being in the SEC, I just think they’ll try to throw their “weight” around (money and political backings) because they are pompous asses and that’s what they do. If they are let in I hope the SEC as a whole will stand strong and tell them “that dog won’t hunt” this is the SEC and you don’t run shite. I did just see on tSECRant someone posted CBS reported the big12 offering tu and OU more money via tv revenue or some shite like that which honestly just makes me feel bad for the rest of the big12 teams. All that being said it would be glorious seeing tu struggle with a legit SEC schedule the first few years.

Tl;dr frick tu, Saw 'Em Off!!!

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re: ***Attention: DO NOT LOOK AT TBIRDs, MINE IS BETTER***
I just hoe biscuits thread titled is referring to threads……

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