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2011 LSU >>> 2020 Alabama

by PrimetimeDaBoss comments15
PrimetimeDaBoss 151/12 5:02 am

You couldn't write a better script

by Contra comments15
Contra151/12 4:57 am
Todd Greene

Congrats Alabama

by JONBURRIS1981 comments3
JONBURRIS1981 31/12 4:47 am

Butch Jones has a National Championship Ring

by NashvilleTider comments1
NashvilleTider 11/12 4:36 am

The 2 men most responsible for Alabama’s success this year

by FourThreeForty comments7
FourThreeForty 71/12 4:34 am

Hey Tuscaloosa.....

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by TigerOnTheMountain comments20
TigerOnTheMountain 201/12 4:26 am

Last Year U or Next Year U?

by cajunbama comments14
cajunbama 141/12 3:38 am

Jalen Hurts

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by Nitro Express comments42
Nitro Express 421/12 2:39 am

Sean Maguire has a message for Willy T and the sad LSU boys

by Decker comments11
Decker 111/12 1:14 am

This offense is absolutely crippled right now

by Glorious comments12
Glorious121/12 12:59 am
Sid E Walker

BAMA Defense

by Nitro Express comments14
Nitro Express 141/12 12:59 am

"I hate to lose so bad that I don't think about the 7 we've won...

by Goombaw comments17
Goombaw 171/12 12:51 am

Would OSU have won

by Marktastic86 comments4
Marktastic86 41/12 12:44 am

Alright, which one of you baws is this?

by Goombaw comments7
Goombaw 71/12 12:43 am

Alabama has played in 5 of the 7 title games and won 3. Best in the nation

by BLG comments4
BLG 41/12 12:40 am

Bill O’Brien will be bama’s next Oc

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by NashvilleTider comments30
NashvilleTider 301/12 12:37 am
Crimson K

Devonta Smith should be the third player drafted

by BFANLC comments14
BFANLC 141/12 12:36 am

DeVonta Smith Part 2

by SmokeTide comments13
SmokeTide 131/12 12:34 am
Crimson K

#1 Champs Alabama and #2 National runner-ups Texas A&M

by Aggie Dynasty comments15
Aggie Dynasty 151/12 12:34 am

*Quick update*

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by WilliamTaylor21 comments61
WilliamTaylor21 611/12 12:32 am

Replay of Justin Fields Game Changing Play

by Alyosha comments0
Alyosha01/12 12:31 am

Barmore’s post game transcript

by Tuscaloosa comments10
Tuscaloosa 101/12 12:30 am
Crimson K

Congrats you dirty Gumps Best team I have ever seen

(Page 1 2 3)
by The Contrarian comments42
The Contrarian 421/12 12:28 am

If Bama would have had the tune-up games

by Todd Greene comments1
Todd Greene 11/12 12:26 am
Todd Greene

Mac Jones >> Joe Burrow

(Page 1 2 3)
by Bama2020 comments55
Bama2020 551/12 12:26 am

1st team to go wire to wire at #1 in CFP rankings

by MykTide comments17
MykTide 171/12 12:23 am

OSU wouldn’t have gotten past TAMU

by Bama2020 comments4
Bama2020 41/12 12:21 am

Ja’Maar Chase Reaction

by Alyosha comments13
Alyosha131/12 12:21 am

Dabo nailed it..

by mattloc comments7
mattloc 71/12 12:20 am

Doesn’t Matter Anymore

by Alyosha comments0
Alyosha01/12 12:19 am
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