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The SEC rant is open again...this board is locked

by Chicken comments0
Chicken 010/6 8:31 am

2019 LSU vs 2020 Bama, by the numbers

by diddlydawg7 comments0
diddlydawg7 01/12 9:33 am

New Orleans and Birmingham were ESPNs top 2 markets this year

by Glorious comments11
Glorious111/12 8:51 am

What is the most objective, fairest way to determine which team is better? 19 LSU,20 Bama?

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by HailHailtoMichigan! comments100
HailHailtoMichigan! 1001/12 8:49 am

2020 Bama vs 2019 LSU position by position comparison

by Tigerfan56 comments10
Tigerfan56 101/12 8:46 am

**CAUTION** LSU Triggering

by Alyosha comments10
Alyosha101/12 8:46 am

Shame Bama will likely never see 15-0

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by Dr. Morgus comments21
Dr. Morgus 211/12 8:45 am

The GOAT Saban adds GOAT team to list of accomplishments

by boogiewoogie1978 comments9
boogiewoogie1978 91/12 8:45 am

Why are LSU posters trying sooo desperately to delegitimize Bama's Natty?

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by Perfect Circle comments30
Perfect Circle 301/12 8:45 am

The legacy of this Bama team - per Saban

by Bham4Tide comments0
Bham4Tide 01/12 8:44 am

Congrats to the Tide! Hell of a season and way to represent the SEC

by udtiger comments7
udtiger 71/12 8:43 am

Bama scored so much, Chicken had to put up 2 Score Boards

by Glorious comments4
Glorious41/12 8:42 am

Just as I predicted, Ohio St. turned into one big fart when facing the SEC

by JetDawg comments14
JetDawg 141/12 8:42 am

Alabama beat Ohio State and Texas A&M by the exact same score

by paperwasp comments5
paperwasp 51/12 8:42 am

Some words for our Alabama fans this AM

by Lonnie Utah comments4
Lonnie Utah41/12 8:41 am

Did Surtain get exposed last night?

by Bamad comments9
Bamad 91/12 8:39 am

To my fellow Tigers who are butt hurt about Bama winning.

by TigerFan244 comments11
TigerFan244 111/12 8:36 am

Mac Jones holds the all-time single-season Passing Efficiency Rating - 203.1

by Buckeye Jeaux comments2
Buckeye Jeaux 21/12 8:36 am
Buckeye Jeaux

2020 Alabama finished with a Sports Reference SRS of 30.18, the highest SRS in 47 years

by Bench McElroy comments1
Bench McElroy11/12 8:33 am

As predicted, the Rant slow to open back up this AM.

by Lonnie Utah comments1
Lonnie Utah11/12 8:30 am


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by bstew3006 comments20
bstew3006 201/12 8:28 am

Offseason is here

by Nado Jenkins83 comments0
Nado Jenkins83 01/12 8:28 am
Nado Jenkins83

How long until tRant is open?

by Alyosha comments5
Alyosha51/12 8:23 am
Laffy Taffy Tiger

This may be the furthest separation in the history of the SEC

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by TailbackU comments29
TailbackU 291/12 8:22 am

We are sure as shite won't lose 5 games either.

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by Bamadoc comments25
Bamadoc 251/12 8:22 am
Piebald Panther

Today we ALL Sabanites once again!

by Bham4Tide comments4
Bham4Tide 41/12 8:13 am

Alabama will dominate for 19 more years for one simple reason

by EthanL comments7
EthanL 71/12 8:11 am
Perfect Circle

The next 10 years

by bamapoet comments3
bamapoet 31/12 8:07 am

Ole miss fans think they should be preseason #2

by OliverQueen81 comments10
OliverQueen81 101/12 8:05 am

Greg Sankey should get an honorary ESPY this year...

by RollTide1987 comments4
RollTide1987 41/12 8:05 am
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