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The SEC rant is open again...this board is locked

by Chicken
Chicken 010/6 8:31 am

The optics are bad on the Tua injury because

by sabes que
sabes que011/17 7:22 am
sabes que

Joe Burrow on pace to rewrite SEC Passing Records

by partywiththelombardi
partywiththelombardi 111/17 7:22 am

614 yards of offense and 37 pts by Ole Miss against LSU

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by Frac the world
Frac the world 4911/17 7:21 am
Roll Tide Ravens

There were those here laughing when I told you about Plumlee

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by antibarner
antibarner 3011/17 7:20 am

Petition for LSU to join the Big12

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by gamatt53
gamatt53 7311/17 7:20 am

Irony: Tua’s injury may save his NFL career

by Eli Goldfinger
Eli Goldfinger 611/17 7:20 am
Roll Tide Ravens

Honest question for anyone in regards to UGA and Fromm

by cctiger89
cctiger89 1511/17 7:20 am

Interesting Division Champ Facts

by 3rddownonthe8
3rddownonthe8 411/17 7:18 am

Be honest.... do you miss the days of defense?

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by Jjdoc
Jjdoc 3011/17 7:17 am

LSU fans, how bad will A&M beat us?

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by whatkindanameiskirby
whatkindanameiskirby 2911/17 7:17 am

Squanderers of Talent - Top-7 Elite HS Football Talent States - Ranked

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by SamGinn Cam
SamGinn Cam2311/17 7:12 am

O/U on the Score Board getting locked

by tritiger
tritiger 211/17 7:10 am
Fargo Strut

Former LSU coach expected to be hired at UGA

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by WilliamTaylor21
WilliamTaylor21 4611/17 7:09 am
LSU Patrick

SEC Rushing TD Leaders

by The_Ultimate_Warrior
The_Ultimate_Warrior1011/17 7:09 am

LSU and UGA have made the Iron Bowl meaningless

by Dawgfanman
Dawgfanman1911/17 7:03 am

I knew there were some lowlife posters here but using Tua's injury as trolling material

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by biclops
biclops 18011/17 7:00 am
LSU Patrick

DO you think our lack of defense and NCAA football in general is because of the rules?

by Duzz
Duzz 911/17 6:57 am

Chicken better beef up the servers.

by Ham Solo
Ham Solo 1111/17 6:57 am
Johnny Carson

How fast is Plumlee?

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by CBandits82
CBandits822211/17 6:51 am

Does Saban see the irony in his AFLAC affiliation??

by Grinder
Grinder 111/17 6:49 am
Fargo Strut

LSU’s new version of game control is revolutionary

by 7nette
7nette 311/17 6:47 am

Is Tua out for the bowls too, or just regular season?

by PenguinNinja
PenguinNinja 811/17 6:44 am
Knight of Old

How many years extention does Gus get if he wins the IB?

by dcbl
dcbl 211/17 6:44 am

LSU scored 37 points off an SEC Team??

by FLTech
FLTech211/17 6:35 am
Knight of Old


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by oneg8rh8r
oneg8rh8r 2111/17 6:34 am

Next Up for LSU: The Arkansas Razorbacks !!

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by Champagne
Champagne2111/17 6:20 am

tOfficial HOOPS "Undefeated & win vs. ranked opponent" Check-In Thread

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by ExtraSpecial
ExtraSpecial 2911/17 6:14 am

Another really important discussion to have about the Alabama/MSU game

by Roll Tide Ravens
Roll Tide Ravens 1211/17 6:01 am

Does Tua sit next year

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by Irons Puppet
Irons Puppet 3111/17 5:48 am
Tiger Iron
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