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Playoffs 2020-21
This would be a great year to test out a playoff system including up to the top 25 + 1, while teams that have never seen big venues like the Rose, Sugar, Orange, Fiesta, etc... Teams that would rarely if ever see the bowls, making both bowls and playoffs equally entertaining...

Just a thought...

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re: Playoffs 2020-21
There isn’t enough parity in college football to warrant a playoff to include the entire top 10, much less top 25. But I guess if there were ever a year to experiment with weird shit, this would be the one. Contracts won’t allow that, though.

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re: Playoffs 2020-21
Maybe top 8 this year cause everyone is gonna get fricked by Covid at least once this season. 26 is insane and far to many.

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re: Playoffs 2020-21
Playoffs?! You kiddin me?

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re: Playoffs 2020-21
I'm not sure a season where we are doing our best to limit travel and exposure is a good time to trot out a greatly expanded playoff system. I would like to see the playoffs expand to 8 teams... but this probably isn't the year to do it.

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