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Free coding Software Suggestions?
Anyone have a good free coding software? I have limited experience with Matlab and Fortran languages from when I was in college. I haven’t looked at any coding, programming, or software in a while, but I’ve got a little free time and would like to learn a some. Mostly to use for some iteration financial calcs but potentially use for data analysis later on. I’d like for it to be pretty user friendly at first so I can learn the basics again.

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re: Free coding Software Suggestions?
You're looking for Python (at least to get started). Pick up R when you want to get deep into statistics (but that's a steeper learning curve).


The Rstudio page is a little confusing - they sell expensive products for businesses, but also have a free version of what you will want:

The R language itself is open source and free, but you'll want Rstudio to work with it.

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re: Free coding Software Suggestions?
Python is the easiest language I've ever used. If you want a local GUI, then you'll want to use the tkinter lib.

If you want a web interface, you can use something like the django lib with python, but I generally use perl or php for those. You'd probably be better off with php for a web interface, it's grown a lot in recent years and you can probably find help better for it. Perl is kind of a dead language. I still use it regularly, but I used it for decades. You'd also need some web serving software. Apache is popular, but there are others.

Pretty much all of them are free these days really. So you can really just pick a language. Some IDE's cost money. If you use python, pycharm is most common.

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re: Free coding Software Suggestions?
that's true, I study programming and often use Phyton and JavaScript. Sometimes I use a little help of pro writing service here to write my essays and research paper at the highest level. But all the rest work I do on my own.
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