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re: OT: Charleston Questions

ain't no probably to it ....the Drayton family have a great thing goin on. shrimp po-boys on the fly/lunch for me when I'm out that way. collards are slap out ridiculous and the peach cobbler will put you in a trance.

It was good man. I tend to be a bit of a foodie and try to get away of tourist areas for at least one meal a trip I make.

The cornbread was awesome at Nigel's and I had the(forget exact name) chicken pot pie, which is basically just poured over 4-5 biscuits in a bowl. Got the boil for an appetizer that had potatoes, shrimp, sausage, two pieces of bread, and some whole kernel corn in it as well.


likely a little late in the day for this heads up, but ... Jen's & Friends (34 Bull) is closed on Sundays (their drinks are not only imaginative - but borderline hilarious). Treylor Park (115 Bay) or Alley Cat Lounge (207 W Broughton) will treat ya well on Sunday. Bohemian has a roof top bar and Top Deck is at the Cotton Sail hotel on River St.

I will remember those...I discovered a pretty good spot back in May when I was in Savannah and went back there, Crystal Beer Parlor. Knew I could grab a cold one there and have a great burger. Opted for the burger this time. In May I had the Bowl O Soul, which was outstanding. Bowl of grits with collard greens, pulled pork, and 3 onion rings on top. If you have never been, hit the joint up. Good local brews on tap as well. It is off of W Jones Street.

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re: OT: Charleston Questions

Seems to be more of a tourist issue

It is.

I grew up in Mt. Pleasant (I loathe what Mt P has become and my blood pressure goes up every time I visit my parents) and live downtown.

Lots of good recommendations on here.

Restaurant wise, many posters have named several of the usual touristy ones (avoid Hyman’s at all cost), but there are several new restaurants north on King that are phenomenal. Leon’s, Herd, Little Jacks, the original Tattooed Moose. 2 of my favorite Italian restaurants outside of Italy are Lucca and Indaco.

Plenty of great bars, most geared to college students, but the Dispensary or Rarebit are nice atmospheres as long as it’s not too late at night.

Can’t really miss with historical stuff. Every time a foundation is dug out, archaeologist find Revolutionary or Civil War cannon balls.

I prefer Drayton Hall to all of the plantations that are public. Unfortunately, the majority of plantations were burned after the Civil War. Those that weren’t, are usually private with limited viewings through the year.

I find the Aiken-Rhett house to be the best house tour that is open daily, unless you’re in town for the seasonal tour of houses. They have a phenomenal audio guide put out by CofC and the Charleston Preservation Society that talks through everything and prompts videos/picture on your phone throughout the tour.

If you can rent a boat from Wild Dunes, take it up to either Capers or Bull island, however, those inlets can be fairly tricky as they’re at a margin from wave dominated to tide dominated islands and the sands shift constantly. If you’re feeling adventurous, the actual beach of Cape Romain is incredible and untouched aside from loggerhead sea turtles. But all 3 of those are uninhabited.

ETA: looks like this was a bit late. Next time, eh?
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