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(nothing to see here.)
ETA: Research moved to the main board.
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re: (nothing to see here.)
That transitional stuff works some times ... not often and not in this case IMHO.

Boyd plays an easier schedule, week-in and week-out.

Murray endeavors to compete in a much tougher league.

Murray has been to Atlanta twice, while playing in the much tougher league.

Boyd has been to ... hell, I honestly do not even know where the ACC CG is played, but I think Boyd has taken Clemson there at least twice in the past few years, correct?

So I look at talent. Murray had Green for two years, Boyd has had Watkins for two years and has probably had the better overall receivers for three years.

Better offensive lines ... that goes to Murray IMHO, by far.

So then I break it down by what I see on the football field, in terms of sheer talent.

Murray has a better head for football, is the better passer mechanically and runs with the ball fairly well for a white guy.

Boyd is the better overall athlete, a fair to middlin' passer and an excellent running QB when he wants to be against the average defenses he normally faces in the ACC with the exception of UNC last year and FSU pretty-much every year.

It's a tough call. If I am drafting a QB tomorrow and I had to choose between Murray and Boyd, then I go with Murray.

If I had to pick a QB to play college ball in a Spurrier led offense, I'd go with Boyd. But I'm not sure Boyd would have anymore success at Georgia playing for Richt and Bobo than he has had at Clemson.

On the other hand, I do not believe Murray would be as successful as he has been playing for Spurrier ... but he might have been far more successful, in a big way, playing for Chad Morris at Clemson. I think Murray would have eaten'up the world at Clemson under Chad Morris.

Given all of the above, I think Murray is the better overall QB, but not by much. What I really like most about Murray is that he is a gamer. I don't like the purse wearing - I thought he got a bad rap after our game last year by the UGA fans, but I like Murray's style of play and the fact that he is a gamer.

Boyd, he too is a gamer but less so than Murray. Boyd is willing to sacrifice to a degree, but he also has a tendency to get a little gunshy. I've also seen him make a few critical mental errors that I would not expect Murray to make in the same situation.

So my answer is, by the smallest of margins, Murray.

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re: (nothing to see here.)
Good points, it's good to get some more perspective on this. I think I'm going to take this to the main board to see some more points for view on the matter.

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