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I just started thinking about this
The rest of the conference always seems to laugh at the recruiting rankings when it comes to men’s basketball, but I think our MBB team has the largest recruiting budget in the SEC because I’m sure it costs a lot to go overseas for our players. I mean, I’m going back to the Lithuanians and then Duane Notice (Mississauga, ON), Maik Kostar (Estonia) Chris Silva (Gabon, if I spelled it right)

Btw, are international players counted in rankings? Like are they scouted the same way as players from the states?

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re: I just started thinking about this
I get what you’re saying but i think most of them went to HS in the States

I know Silva was recruited out of Jersey
He was born in Gabon but went to a very successful HS in jersey and played basketball.
(Same HS as the kid on LSU that will be a lottery pick)

And also looking at it, Kostar spent at least a year in the US (Kansas) for HS

Duane Notice as well

And the Lithuanians


So I’m not sure how they recruit beyond HS games, but their HS games were played in the US

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