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re: Would u let Ozuna walk for this?
Just for those who are down on Riley, check this stat out:

Freddie - 42.5
Riley - 42.9

This is the percentage of hard hit balls for the season. IOW, Austin was squaring the ball up but hit into a lot of bad luck. That tends to even out the following year.

Patience, folks.

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re: Would u let Ozuna walk for this?
I see my last post was blank for some reason, so I’ll try again

My post was poorly written. I did not mean that 3B was a need.

I meant that LF and 3B are really the only positions I seeing as potential to do something. We are pretty set at other positions besides the bench. LF because of Ozuna. And 3B because Riley’s ability to play 3B and LF gives us the option of replacing Ozunas bar at 3B.

So I agree. Too early to give up Riley. He showed some good progress from 19 to 20.

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