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re: Wish Canaan Sandy A Happy Birthday
Happy belated birthday, Pio!

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re: Wish Canaan Sandy A Happy Birthday
Tired of the attention-whoring and opportunism around Canaan Sandy.

Yes, we get it. Your kid has Downs. That means nobody around the University will tell him "No". But stop taking the spotlight and hogging all of the attention.

Lots of kids have disabilities. Lots of them are Arkansas fans.

Canaan Sandy takes up enough energy and time every Razorback game to provide a once-in-a-lifetime experience for a half dozen special needs kids.

I'm over it. Your kid ain't special.
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re: Wish Canaan Sandy A Happy Birthday
It really is getting ridiculous. At this rate, soon the Burl's Kids will just be kicked out and replaced with Canaan Sandy lol

P.s. he's probably a great guy but his family needs to chill.

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re: Wish Canaan Sandy A Happy Birthday
Damn, and I thought I was jaded

I don't blame him and I don't feel like I'm in too much of a position to blame the parents. I figure if I had a kid with Downs and they had a hobby that they were passionate about and made them legitimately happy, I'm not sure I wouldn't be completely over the top and gung-ho about it as well.

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