Lane Kiffin Addresses His Brother’s Sudden Departure
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In a recent press conference, Ole Miss head coach Lane Kiffin discussed his brother, Chris Kiffin, suddenly leaving his staff after just a few weeks to rejoin the Cleveland Browns...

“Obviously, it’s unique because it’s your brother, and so, he came back and that happens sometimes,” Kiffin said. “You take jobs at the end of the season and you’re excited about it but then you get there and you kind of have second thoughts. It happens with recruits when they sign to schools and it happens with coaches. Kids and adults aren’t a whole lot different. With jobs with salaries and even more with four kids, they’re used to their teams and their friends up there. They were really entrenched there and playing sports, all that stuff, so I get it.”
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Billy Mays26 months
That picture in the Tweet is definitely not Chris Kiffin - the name on his camo sweatshirt says "Mye... Jr." or something lol
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arcalades26 months
Chris looks older than their father
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Hangit26 months
He probably left because his boss was hitting on his wife.
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LSUtoBOOT26 months
Judging from how old his brother looks, he was probably more concerned about him hitting on his daughters.
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