According to Marc Weiszer of the Athens Banner-Herald, Georgia's athletic department reported 17 Level III violations from July through December. Schools routinely self-report minor infractures. Those include four football violations. Two stemmed from calling recruits before they were allowed...

"A coach called a rising senior in a violation listed from June 26 and he was barred from calling the recruit for 14 days," Weiszer wrote. "A coach phoned a junior in a violation dated Feb. 14. The football staff did not call him during the permitted spring window to call juniors and could not contact the recruit by phone or electronically for another seven-day period."

(The Spun)
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N9788327 days
How are there still ncaa violations in the age of nil?
user avatar
Jedi30 days
But did they kill Uga?
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LSUFanMizeWay30 days
Ban Georgia for life
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CanebreakCajun30 days
15 yearly scholarship reduction should work.
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Geaux Guy30 days
OK. Did they suspend TM7?
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TheRouxGuru30 days
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Shooter30 days
Four Minor NCAA Violations...That's laughable!
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