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It was announced earlier this year that Georgia quarterback Brice Ramsey would be leaving the school to finish his collegiate career somewhere else.

That all changed this week when Ramsey's mother confirmed to 247Sports that her son is staying at Georgia for his fifth and final year.

“Brice has committed to finishing out his time at the University of Georgia,” his mother, Yolanda Ramsey, told Dawgs247. “After visiting and talking with other schools, he could not get past the part of where he is heart was and that is at UGA at the end of the day.”
Brice will be the third-string quarterback on the depth chart behind Jacob Eason and freshman Jake Fromm.
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glad to have him staying...DGD
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Translation: he doesn't think he'll start at any of the schools he talked to.
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or Smart has something in mind for him and made a sweet deal with him...and I'm not talking a position guaranteed as we know he is not the best qb on the roster...I mean something later down the road or a connection provided or we need him punting...and CKS knows this.
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