Arkansas Pizzeria Will Give Away 1,000 Pizzas If Razorbacks Beat Alabama
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Rolf Wilkin, Founder & CEO of Eureka Pizza in Fayetteville, is throwing down. He says if the Razorbacks beat #1 Alabama on Saturday, he's giving away 1,000 free large pizzas...
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Per Eureka Pizza's marketing team...

Fayetteville, AR Eureka Pizza announced today that when AP ranked #1 Alabama is defeated on Saturday, October 8th in a prime time ESPN televised football game, the Arkansas pizza chain will give local university students 1,000 free large pizzas to celebrate the first victory over an AP ranked #1 team in Fayetteville in 35 years.

Eureka Pizza owner Rolf Wilkin said “It’s been 10 frustrating years since we’ve beaten Alabama. 10 years is a long time. Our freshmen were in 3rd grade the last time we beat them. We have been so, so close the past 2 years. I know in my heart we’ll win on Saturday so I want to do something special for the students, the best students in the country, that’s why after we win, we’ll give away, absolutely free 1,000 large pepperoni, sausage or cheese pizzas to university students, faculty and staff on Monday, Oct 10th starting at 10 am at the campus location of Eureka Pizza located at 826 N Leverett Ave. in Fayetteville.”

(Limit one free pizza per person)

“My accountant thinks I am crazy, I like to say I’m a football maniac.- Win or lose I will always love and support my team” Wilkin added.

In addition Eureka Pizza will provide Free pizza for a year to the student that creates the best sad Nick Saban meme to mark this historic day.
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user avatar
sunseeker89 months
LOL he knows he won't be giving away any pizza.
user avatar
Cheese Grits89 months
Bert finna eat all 1,000
user avatar
VOLcano89 months
1,000 pizzas seems like a lot to make in a day. But I have no experience in the matter.
user avatar
piggilicious89 months
From your crust to God's ears, Rolf.
user avatar
Ted201089 months
Damn, you know Bert will take 1,001 of those pizzas IF Arky wins.
user avatar
fisherbm111289 months
Nice marketing idea but I hope the students aren't hungry.
user avatar
Peliorrojo89 months
Bert putting in extra work...
user avatar
CtotheVrzrbck89 months
so he's out about $75.
user avatar
Jack Daniel89 months
Giving 1,000 pizzas to Bert or the fans?
user avatar
Hogwarts89 months
Bert finna eat.
user avatar
VagueMessage89 months
Took one look at the headline and said guarantee it's Eureka. Eureka and Little Caesar are about the only two that could afford to do this.
user avatar
TommyDaTiger89 months
Bert said he'll take 20
user avatar
auzach9189 months
That's it?
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