The University of Alabama and the city of Tuscaloosa have come to an agreement to serve alcohol at games. Per a report from, the university will provide funding to the city to cover some increased costs around major game days...

Under a new agreement, the University will provide specialty service funding to cover the enhanced fire and rescue, police, transportation and infrastructure services needed to provide a top-notch Gameday experience.

The University also introduced a new scholarship program that will fund scholarships for Tuscaloosa police officers and firefighters.

The two measures collectively will replace the service fee that caused so much friction earlier this year.

“We can’t express enough how much we appreciate and value the many public safety, fire and rescue, transportation, and other staff who help keep our communities safe and running smoothly,” said UA President Stuart Bell. “This agreement underscores the important roles they play and how the University values their roles.”
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JackieTreehorn20 months
Been sneaking in minis for years. Won't change my game.
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3down1020 months
Check your wallet, you'll find even less "change".
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kkv7520 months
Now - this is the kind of hard hitting news we need.

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