Nick Saban Excited That 1 Part Of Recruiting Has Returned
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While talking to the media his Kids Golf Tournament on Thursday, Alabama head coach Nick Saban shared his excitement about the return of in-person activities...

“Well, I think (in-person recruiting is) so much better. Zooming, technology allows us to do that, which is certainly better than talking to somebody on the phone,” Saban, via BamaOnline. “But the face-to-face contact, getting to meet people and sit there and look at them in the eye with their parents, as well as the prospects.

“Is something I’ve always really enjoyed. Developing relationships with all the people in the organization who are going to impact a guy’s future. Whether it’s people in academics, strength and conditioning, medical staff, nutritionists. Developing relationships with all those people is something that I think is very important.”

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