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Expanded CFP Looking Back - 2014
Just doing this for shits and giggles. Don't @ me.

I've included the team's final college football playoff ranking in parenthesis if it differed from the seeding shown here.

* denotes team is an automatic conference champion qualifier.

Boise State being the 6th highest ranked conference champion would leave 12th ranked Georgia Tech out of the playoffs.

Round 1
Ole Miss vs Michigan State
Ole miss finished this season at 9-4 (8 wins have been vacated since lol Ole Piss). They got crushed in their bowl game by TCU 42-3. Michigan State finished 11-2 with a 42-41 win over No.5 Baylor. Give me Michigan State. And even if Ole Miss would’ve won in this completely made up scenario, vacated playoff wins are something I’d rather not imagine.

Baylor vs. Boise State
Boise State won their bowl game this year over fellow CFP team, Arizona 38-30. Their two regular season losses were to another CFP playoff team, Ole Miss 35-13 and a 10-3 Air Force team. Baylor's only regular season loss was to 7-6 WVU 41-27 (yikes). They fell in their bowl game to 8th seeded Michigan State. In that game Baylor failed to score a single point in the final 19 minutes while MSU roared back from a 20 point deficit. I think this game is a pick ‘em, but due to Baylor’s inability to finish and Boise State’s hunger to prove that the Group of 5 belong. Boise takes it in a close one.

Kansas State vs TCU
A rematch of a regular season game where TCU won 41-20. Kansas State’s only regular season losses (3) were all to top 6 teams, and they lost their bowl game to No. 14 ranked UCLA 40-35. TCU’s bowl dominance has been mentioned and I think they get the W in the rematch.

Miss State vs Arizona
Moo State had a great squad this year led by Dak Prescott. Their first loss didn’t come until Mid November against top seeded Alabama 25-20. They would drop their regular season finale in the Egg Bowl and lose to Georgia Tech 49-34 in their bowl game. Arizona lost to Boise State in their bowl game, and had a regular season losses to unranked USC and No. 25 UCLA and got pummeled by Oregon in their conference championship game. Moo State all day here.

Most of the fun part is over…

Alabama vs. Michigan State
Although Bama did seem vulnerable at times this year…. Saban gonna Saban.

Boise State vs. Ohio State
Group of 5 had their fun. Time to let the big boys play.

This one is actually interesting. TCU’s wins this year came by an average score of 45-15. FSU got curb stomped bye Oregon in the (actual) playoffs this year. Led by Heisman Finalist Trevone Boykin I think TCU’s dominance over a tougher schedule vs. FSU’s weaker schedule gets the nod here. TCU.

Miss Sate vs. Oregon
I really think Alabama took the wind out of Moo State’s sails towards the end of the season, while Oregon got into a groove at the end until meeting Ohio State in the championship. I think having something to play for would’ve given Moo State some life, and you can’t count out Dak. This one could be close. My gut says Moo State, but that could be my SEC bias talking. But since this is the SEC rant, let’s do it. Moo State.

Alabama vs. Ohio State
We already know how this one ends.

TCU vs. Miss State
Ole Miss beats Moo State 31-17 and then their very next game gets crushed 42-3 by TCU. Give me TCU.

Ohio State vs TCU
Both finished with one loss, and Ohio State's was worse (to a 7-6 VT). Ohio state did play two more games this year, but in our fantasy scenario here both would be at 14-1. I think this one comes down to coaching. Urban Meyer and Tom Herman are going to be tough to beat for Gary Patterson and Frank Underwood’s homosexual body guard (a House of Cards reference for the uninitiated)

Ohio State is [still] your champion, but TCU and Moo State replace FSU and Oregon in the final 4, respectively.

2015 coming soon to a rant near you...

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re: Expanded CFP Looking Back - 2014
You put too much stock in that Peach Bowl with TCU and OM in this bracket. Just sayin.

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re: Expanded CFP Looking Back - 2014
Please keep these recaps coming.

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re: Expanded CFP Looking Back - 2014
Boise isn’t any good.

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re: Expanded CFP Looking Back - 2014
All of this is predictable. All of this addresses certain problems and exacerbates others.

A minor adjustment to the current 12 team proposal would drastically fix college football, out of conference match ups, make the bowl season relevant, and make the regular season relevant for everyone.

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