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Don’t know what to think about this one. I know Stoops has put everybody on let down alert, but yet it still feels like that could happen.
The best thing may be for LSU you to start hot, punch us in the nose a time or two. Maybe if we start in the hole, say 10-0, the Cats will catch fire and rally to win.
Our O should do slightly better against this team. Our D should be able to drop 7 or 8 at any time against their anemic rush offense. Go Cats!

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Yeah I suspect we come out still pumped about the UF win and play like trash.

We will save Ed O for another few weeks.

We should be able to have a shot and I hope I'm wrong but we will see. Being negative has worked so far

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Kentucky is gonna show this Cajun mafia wannabe mother fricker the what for

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I am impressed that instead of coming out flatter than a politician's brain waves y'all instead put your thang down and basically put the game on cruise control.

One of the rare times you can say a game was not as close as the 21 pt. margin suggests.

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It was fine, and damn fun too.

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