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Falcons Single Game Tickets
Any and all help appreciated. Got a group of guys (4-5) heading to Atlanta the weekend of September 13-15, and we want to go to the Falcons-Eagles game on Sunday night. Any advice for getting tickets, or would buying resale tickets on Ticketmaster be our best bet? Thanks for the help!

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re: Falcons Single Game Tickets
Are you a Falcons fan or Eagles fan?

The Falcons don't actually sell single game tickets (as far as I know). Any ticket you buy will be resale. Ticketmaster has "verified resale" tickets and there are of course the secondary market sites as well. it's up to you to go to each one, look at the seats/pricing/fees and make a decision.
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re: Falcons Single Game Tickets
Yep, that's your best bet. It never hurts to look at Seat Geek to see the prices in aggregate.

The only way to get direct tickets through the club is group tickets (10 or more).

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re: Falcons Single Game Tickets
Welcome! Looking forward to having you guys in town (provided your not cheering for Philadelphia).

The Falcons only allotment of tickets is through PSLs, therefore, they don't sell single game tickets. Market is pretty transparent, so you might as well just go through TM as they laughably have the lowest fees.

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re: Falcons Single Game Tickets

so you might as well just go through TM as they laughably have the lowest fees.


Tickpick is the best site I've found for resale tickets and it is not even close.

OP - compare the same seats for Falcons/Eagles on Ticketmaster (make sure to include their fees) and Tickpick (which does not add fees). For high priced tickets like this game you won't just save a little, it will be a lot.

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