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Ole Miss's Henderson Taunts Auburn Fans

Marshall Henderson hit two free throws to give Ole Miss a 63-61 win over Auburn. Then Henderson taunted a crowd that did not appreciate it. Too much?...

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Kracka - 31 months ago
That's awesome
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bulldogger - 31 months ago
Larry Leo's best post ever.
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Herman Frisco - 31 months ago
that corner of the gym is so full of F Y.
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BaylorTiger - 31 months ago
That's your other Top Left if anyone is wondering...
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Phathead - 31 months ago
Looks like someone tried to throw something looking like an umbrella at the top left, didn't reach him though.

Also, how about the black guy never changing emotion or moving an inch. Now that's poise.
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Run DMC - 31 months ago
This is awesome. I love pissing off other teams fans
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MasonTiger - 31 months ago
I think the old man is telling him "you can suck a d*ck."
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Martini - 31 months ago
Dear Gos, it's Ole Miss. They don't have a lot to brag about so I'll give em a pass.
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NOSTRODAMUS - 31 months ago
Why were no drinks thrown all over his face?
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blueridge - 31 months ago
Henderson is the kind of guy that forced Ole Miss to pretend that that stupid black bear is their school mascot. Wonder if his grandpa ever met a freedom rider?
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Toddy - 31 months ago
I would probably hate him if he didn't play for Ole Miss. lol
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lsutigersFTW - 31 months ago
Everything about that GIF is awesome. The old man standing up to yell at him, the security guard with the creepy as hell smile, pajama girl who falls down, gramps sitting to the left of the man who gets up, the dude who puts a lot of oomph into fliiping the middle finger. Everything!
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GeauxAggie972 - 31 months ago
Bad Lip Reading: College Basketball Edition
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TenTex - 31 months ago
So Auburn let him leave the court without incident? Are there no taunting the fans penalties in college basketball?
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cody1mac - 31 months ago
Git em Gramps. Grandpa hates when whippersnappers be trippin
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markthetiger - 31 months ago
is that old guy saying "you are sexy"..?
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