Auburn RB Tre Mason Gets Socks Of Himself |

Auburn RB and 2013 Heisman finalist Tre Mason now has what every athlete on earth wants for themselves for Christmas - socks of himself...

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There's print shops that can make this...the mall in Houma has one
Reply34 months
"Does AU care about Rules ???"

what rules were broken again?
Reply34 months
Does AU care about Rules ???
Reply34 months
Geez Larry, what's next? Ms. Lippy's car is green?
Reply34 months
The socks are Nike.... Auburn is sponsored by Under Armour.
Reply34 months
That's it..I'm telling.
Reply34 months
So where is the violation here guys? Y'all know his family has millions, right? I think he can afford a pair of printed socks.
Reply34 months
Even if he has that right, he will get in trouble because its Nike..and AU is an Under Armour school.
Reply34 months
NCAA violation. Don't let Phat Phil know or he ratting this kid out. Be warned Auburn...
Reply34 months
And thats why they are gonna get their arse kicked by FSU.
Reply34 months
Its not illegal. It is against the rules, but he won't go to jail for it hahaha.

But even then its only against the rules if he, or someone, was making a profit off of it. If he just sent an image to a designer and asked, and paid, them to make socks of him; he totally has that right.
Reply34 months
Thats what I thought.
Reply34 months
Are these retail or special made?
Reply34 months
I thought it was illegal to profit from merchandise sales with images of current players?
Reply34 months
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