"Go Bengals Go!" says Katherine Webb, wife of backup QB A.J. McCarron...

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She make mo money dan him.
Reply9 days
Reply10 days
Why is that not sexual harassment
Reply10 days
she is the only one that can make the bengals look good
Reply10 days
Big ol head on that boy. Bet something got stretched ....
Reply10 days
She is the reason why I wish I regret not playing football in HS
Reply10 days
10 days
double out
10 days
I guess she's cool with that backup QB money. Tells u something. She must not be all that
Reply10 days
AJ's base pay this year will be $690,000. I bet most folks would be cool w/ that salary. IF you have a girl, I bet she's "cool" for a lot less money than that. LINK /
10 days
I'll sit on the bench with a few appearances on the field for $690K. Just saying'
9 days
Backup that will have made $2.4 million under his rookie contract at the end of this year and will be signing another (larger) multi-million$/yr contract next year. I'm sure she is quite fine with that.
8 days
I'm still sticking to it, she's gonna cheat on AJ one day.
Reply11 days
Yeah. She's trying way too hard.
11 days
With AJ Green
10 days
She is an attractive lady.
Reply11 days
Katherine Webb Still Looking Hot Supporting Herself.
Reply11 days
Between Katherine holding her son and the use of the word "hubby," I don't know how in the world I'm supposed to work with this.
Reply11 days
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