Nick Saban Tells Fans To Stay Or Don't Come |
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Nick Saban Tells Fans To Stay Or Don't Come

We're seeing it more and more where college stadiums aren't filled the way they should be. Students coming late or leaving early? Who knows? But Alabama's student section has been light as of late and coach Nick Saban is not happy about it.

“Everybody that chooses to go to the game should stay and support their team… [and] everyone that chooses not to [stay for the whole game] shouldn’t go,” Saban said on Tuesday."
Have fans been spoiled with too much winning?
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Foolish cock - 22 months ago
Roving bands of gumps gonna shank early exiters in the parking lot...
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Foolish cock - 22 months ago
Setting the stage for a leap to texas.
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Bubba Bexley - 22 months ago
Should coaches who sign contracts stay until they fulfill those obligations too, or are the fans held to higher standards?
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Rabern57 - 22 months ago
Saban may go down in history as one of the best coaches but he is also going down as one of the whiniest. Coaches need to retire when menopause kicks in.
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BrooksnDunn - 22 months ago
If I pay big bucks for a ticket, I'll leave when the frick I want to leave. Frick nick! Lol
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Marco Esquandolas - 22 months ago
Proved or proven...illiterate bastard.
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87BAMAGRAD - 22 months ago
That why Ms terri buying shite in Austin. #errbodyleavinearly
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Florida225 - 22 months ago
Saban says the most basic shit, everyone passes out because of the standard statement and realizes how retarded it is to attend a game for 9 minutes.

Make up whatever excuses you'd like, you're still a bitch for leaving.
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Doug Masters - 22 months ago
I agree. I get there early and stay late. I want my moneys worth. 99% of students dont know shite about football anyway. Give your tix to someone else if you cant support your team for 3 hours.
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MoreOrLes - 22 months ago
Anybody who want to out pay anybody else can buy $abun

That has already been proved.
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DoubleDown - 22 months ago
@Chitter Chatter - was that really even a remote possibility?
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Chitter Chatter - 22 months ago
No way he would ever come back to LSU then
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