Manziel Courtside With GF At Rockets Game |
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Manziel Courtside With GF At Rockets Game

Texas A&M's Johnny Manziel was courtside for Tuesday night’s Clippers-Rockets game in Houston along with his part-time model girlfriend, Sarah Savage.

Image Link

Here's a better pic of Savage...

Image Link
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Gilly Walker - 31 months ago
Johnny- did you really play the banjo in Deliverence or was that dubbed in?
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dreaux - 31 months ago
The only thing worth seeing here is his GF
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LSUDat2012 - 31 months ago
a college freshman court side with several thousand dollar tickets at Mavs game, and now a Rockets game. He's in the casino with wods of cash. Yeah, nothing shady going on there. SMU would be proud.
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RummelTiger - 31 months ago
That kid should never smile. And I mean never.
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GreatLakesTiger24 - 31 months ago
good for him
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NorthLaTigerFan - 31 months ago
Is she real or imaginary??
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troywew - 31 months ago
Is that "part time" model or "part time" gf? Hey, did they meet at the Stanford game? Just checkin'...yuk yuk.
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bunky - 31 months ago
Also, we got the next Cronkite here.
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StarkvilleTigerFan - 31 months ago
Good for him!!!
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AUlove23 - 31 months ago
She should get on the cover of SI it's where all the qbs gfs go
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jp90 - 31 months ago
While i agree that we are caring way too much about what this kid does, at the same time i see this not ending well for him.
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CarolinaSoCocky - 31 months ago
Well atleast his gf is real, isnt she?
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Beach Bum - 31 months ago
Almost give a frick.
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Fireman17 - 31 months ago
TD has turn into TMZ for A&M and Bama it seems.
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diddydirtyAubie - 31 months ago
Keep up the good work, Larry.
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bunky - 31 months ago
I think he's got a hard on for Manziel.
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jdg91878 - 31 months ago
I see the talk with the AD really had an impact. This guy is not ready for the fame. I see a complete face plant in the future.
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lsu480 - 31 months ago
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PurpleGoldTiger - 31 months ago
Who gives a shit? This is terrible, Larry.
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Walt OReilly - 31 months ago
once again Larry another great topic you bring to us
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