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Dude Has Auburn Tramp Stamp Tattoo

As tweeted out by @nachomamabgid from a bar in Tuscaloosa on Dec. 26, one Auburn fan got this hot number on his lower back...

Image Link

Image Link
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BamaChemE - 32 months ago
I can't decide if the tiger looks stoned or depressed.
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scrooster - 32 months ago
WTF? Dude's back-skin looks like something off of Lou Gossett, Jr.'s character in Enemy Mine. All Aubie fans should be ashamed that it has come to this - even within their insane asylum, this guy belongs in the incurable ward.
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SouthernB - 32 months ago
Sure that ain't Reuben Foster? LOL
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TheSandman - 32 months ago
All of my facepalm
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bendellee - 32 months ago
He probably got that before receiving the letter denying his application for admission.
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TigerB8 - 32 months ago
Looks like a tiger is mounting him.
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tigerman03 - 32 months ago
Might as well be a bullseye
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1cajuncook - 32 months ago
There's usually alcohol involved in those situations.
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DJTigers - 32 months ago
What a douche!!!
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CaptainPanic - 32 months ago
I would hate myself
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GTHTSUN - 32 months ago
I bet his boyfriend loves looking at this when he is "All In" his ass.
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plutonium55 - 32 months ago
I bet his boyfriend is a barner.....what else could it be?
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TheCaterpillar - 32 months ago
People like this need to be sterilized.
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nosaj - 32 months ago
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