First AJ McCarron's mother, Dee Dee Bonner, expressed her disdain for FSU QB Jameis Winston's postgame speech Monday night. Now, McCarron's girlfriend Katherine Webb did the same when she favorited a similar Tweet to Bonner's after the game. Business Insider’s Tony Manfred caught the incident on Twitter...

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Manfred even called them out tweeting...

"Stop doing this, people associated with AJ McCarron"
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She fine
Reply45 months
Ha, that's really funny. I'm sure there are no Bama players who don't speak "proper" english. College football fans are really kinda dumb.
Reply45 months
Lot of butt hurt in Auburn/Bama over the Losses. Atlanta too, over the Falcons losses.
Reply45 months
Why? If you can't speak correctly, that's not OTHER peoples problems. The person speaking needs to learn how to speak/communicate properly. They're friggin' in college for God's sake! People are allowed to express their opinion via twitter and if you don't like it - DON'T FOLLOW 'EM ON TWITTER.
Reply45 months
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