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Now that Alabama has officially hired Lane Kiffin as its next offensive coordinator, players will be stepping up in support of him as Crimson Tide fans shake their heads in disappointment. One of the first to do that is next year's starting QB Blake SIims on Twitter...

Blake Sims
Want to welcome coach lane to the tide will do very well for us this coming up here
Well, there's one positive comment.
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@ Spread

You sir are a complete moron if you think

-The SEC needs to recruit the "fertile So Cal" recruiting grounds.

-Any high school coach or parent would want this jack off in charge of their child's future development.

- H got those dazzling recruiting classes despite sanctions in a legit manner.
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Of course it also opens the tide up for sanctions and the eventual non-development of any talent as is LK's custom. BAMA could def use better recruiting because it's jus awful right now. Lol LK brings nothing but drams to the tide. Rest of SEC will have 1 year of drama to laugh at before LK moves on yet again to another job he will suck at.
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Shouldn't AJ's mom be tweeting about his destruction of the English language??
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Is that English?
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lol at you
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"Crimson Tide fans shake their heads in disappointment." Who is Larry Leo and why does he think he speaks for me? This Bama fan is very excited about Lane Kiffin's arrival! Kiffin recruited extremely well for USC, pulling in nationally ranked classes despite severe NCAA sanction limits. Kiffin's hire opens up the fertile southern California recruiting grounds to Alabama - which is bad news for the rest of the SEC. Roll Tide and welcome Coach Kiffin!
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