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PIC: Pitino & Petrino Get "Talladega Nights" Treatment

Reports on Wednesday are saying that Bobby Petrino will be rehired as Louisville's football coach. This would reunite him with the Cardinals men’s basketball coach Rick Pitino. Both were at the Ville from 2003-06, with both having been part of sex scandals very much in view of the mainstream media within the last couple years. Anyway, here's a couple Tweets making the rounds that troll the both of them...

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bperki6 - 7 months ago
Well the hand gesture for L on the shirts is not quite the shocker, but I am sure Pitino and Petrino could find a way to make it work for "one in the pink, two in the stink."
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brucevilanch - 7 months ago
I want one of those shirts.
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