Florida paid tribute to the Gainesville-born legend Tom Petty was passed away this week by singing “I Won’t Back Down” during Saturday's LSU game...

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Really nice tribute!
Reply4 days
I watch that just to hear TouchDown for LSU
Reply8 days
Florida didn't tell LSU they could play are Lsu fans this retarded? Florida plays we are the boys immediately when the third ends. Never changes. So you claiming this is utter nonsense because your classless band played over we are the boys, THEN played over the Tribute. No excuses and you aren't in the right. You morons would know but only ten of you came to support your team because you are bandwagon fans.
Reply8 days
I think you will feel the pain of that loss for quite sometime. I'm saddened that LSU had to do Florida so wrong on Saturday. Ole Tom is probably very disappointed the Gators couldn't come away with the W on the day the university he graduated from decided to pay tribute to him. Prayers sent.
8 days
I heard the LSU band was trying to play over it at first. Quite a dick move if so.
Reply9 days
Awesome move by LSU!!!! Glad they did it.
9 days
Not at all what happened but Im sure butter-teeth-shark-humper and his sissy-goons are going to try to spin it that way with a propaganda campaign like they did for Hurricane Matthew and LSUs sackless AD will allow it. LSUs band was told when they could play and when the tribute would occur. They were told not to play over PA music or the tribute. When LSU fired up the band at their allowed timeslot the setup men at Ben Hill decided to start playing the Petty tribute over the band time. Im sure those in the band couldnt even hear the tribute, being in the middle of all those instruments. Its really classless by Florida to try to setup LSUs band that way to make them look like the bad guy, once again. They are sly, setup artists. They were the ones being disrespectful to Petty by ruining the his tribute just to make LSU look bad for their own selfish benefit.
9 days
That was awesome. Well done Gator fans.
Reply9 days
Very nice
Reply9 days
that was amazing - well done by the fans
Reply9 days
I was there. It was very cool. RIP Tom Petty...
Reply9 days
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