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Old Main lineup

Cage the Elephant, Hard Rock Records’ Rosco Bandana & MSU affiliates Ty Brown & Pell.

At the Amphitheatre for free.

I'm old, so

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re: Old Main lineup

Don't know a ton about their music but 1 kid in the band is a dreadie and good friends w/my brother who is a dreadie too. They live in ocean springs. Me, my brother, and the kid in the band would get tanked at the bar that's badass that's like a house. The rest of the band is cool too. I know there's a chick but I can't remember if she's the lead singer

ETA was talking about Roscoe bandana

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re: Old Main lineup


Cage the Elephan

Solid. I'll be there because of them.


Hard Rock Records’ Rosco Bandana



Ty Brown

This was the guy who made it to like 2 or 3 on the Bachelorette. Is he performing? He's a cool dude, and I'm friends with his brothers.

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