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SECRANTERS: Post all signature-picture or avatar requests here...

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by TTsTowel
TTsTowel9008/27 8:59 pm
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New Process to gain access to a team forum...please read...

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by Chicken
Chicken 617/23 5:06 pm
sticky post

Some of you need to improve your thread titles...

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by Chicken
Chicken 267/1 11:45 am

SecRant Owner

by Skeeterpop
Skeeterpop 28/27 10:19 pm

I can't find the Pick 'em for NCAA football

by DawgfaninCa
DawgfaninCa 28/24 9:01 pm
Rebel Land Shark

Mobile Browser Being Hijacked With Bogus "You Won" Ad

by leemario
leemario98/24 4:34 pm

butch jones

by LSUTigerBait07
LSUTigerBait07108/24 7:46 pm
Sancho Panza

Acura ad at bottom of SEC Rant page

by HottyToddy7
HottyToddy7 18/23 10:52 pm

I think I deleted my thread somehow?

by RhodeDawg
RhodeDawg 68/22 1:49 pm

Random question... Does anyone actually check the email for the SECRant admins?

by Tuscaloosa
Tuscaloosa 158/21 12:03 am

Is KaiserSoze99 banned from all boards or just PoliTalk?

by TidenUP
TidenUP 148/18 3:02 pm

Dustin Johnson requests reinstatement

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by CNB
CNB 558/18 6:34 pm

A question on behalf of poster Negateer

by craigbiggio
craigbiggio78/12 11:26 pm
Gary Busey

I'm going to go ahead and need posting access to the Florida board

by Serraneaux
Serraneaux 118/10 11:08 pm
Old Sarge

Admin, 3 threads deleted in 12 hours. What gives?

by Back to the Future
Back to the Future78/11 7:16 pm

Free advice to vuvuzela - (Bama Board nonsense)

(Page 1 2)
by Pinche Cabron
Pinche Cabron 278/20 1:47 pm
Pinche Cabron

Anybody else have a weird South Carolina theme on mobile right now?

by BowlJackson
BowlJackson 28/9 8:52 am

Free Oklahogjr

by CtotheVrzrbck
CtotheVrzrbck 48/8 5:37 pm

Slow SECRant--Script running?

by Brick67
Brick67 48/8 12:47 am

Why is rules thread anchored on SECrant?

by nc14
nc14 28/5 9:34 pm
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