Texas A&M WR Ryan Campbell Pulls Off Greatest Jersey Swap Of All Time
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After Texas A&M upset Alabama on Saturday, Aggies WR Ryan Campbell pulled off a jersey swap for the ages...
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I don't get the A&M hate. Look, Yell Leaders and the Cadet Corps isn't my thing, but I fully recognize that it's these types of things that make college football so special. College football is as much about tradition and pageantry than the actual game itself. And if that game and the scene afterwards on the field didn't give you chills, then I'm not sure you're a college football fan.
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If the dude was actually in the military instead, then yeah.
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How is this Legendary? Are we just using that to describe anything that could happen on any ole Saturday night in College Station?
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The cadets are not affiliated with the military though. So basically you just swapped New Jersey for a shirt?
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Not completely true. All freshman and sophomore cadets are ROTC cadets. All junior and senior cadets wearing an ROTC patch on the left shoulder are ROTC cadets.
6 days
Getting virtually anything in a trade for New Jersey isn't just a win, it's picking the other guy's pocket.
5 days
A gig for Bean. I mean Campbell.
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Very cool.
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Very ghey
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