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Potential No. 1 pick Myles Garret from Texas A&M announced that he will not be attending the 2017 NFL Draft in Philadelphia. Per The Houston Chronicle:


"I'm staying at home," Garrett said.

Garrett said nothing will change his mind, because he wants the moment to be more cherished than on a stage in Philadelphia. Should he go No. 1 to the Cleveland Browns, NFL commissioner Roger Goodell won't have anyone to hug on the stage in what's a typically celebrated moment for the league.
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Maybe he wants to avoid an embarrassing photo op. You know the one where the player HAS to take a picture holding a Cleveland Brown's jersey? Nobody wants to have to live that one down. Its like bell bottoms and afros from the 70's.
Reply10 months
Most overrated "#1 pick" in a long time.
Reply10 months
He is taking the draft off because he thought it was called "Every Other Play".
Reply10 months
Just saw this just now and thought you deserve more credit for this comment. Well done you dick
8 months
Very expensive to bring his entire family to Philadelphia. Besides, it is a cesspool.
Reply10 months
I wonder if it affects the Browns picking him because the publicity if they are close to picking someone else.
Reply10 months
Makes sense - defensive coaches are always trying to teach the players to stay at home. Anyway, it will save him from all the awkward camera shots as he falls into the second round.
Reply10 months
Players skipping sr bowl, NFL players skipping white house visits, why the frick not skip being No.1 draft pick? The "look at me" generation at its finest.
Reply10 months
More like he wants to spend this moment in his life with family and friends than "look at me".
10 months
Irony at its finest folks
10 months
Wanting to be with family for a big moment and not wanting to see visit the White House are two completely different things. The whitehouse stuff is pretty childish but not the latter
10 months
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