Ok, after some beta testing, we want to roll out our new mobile version to a wider audience. This is just our first stab at it, and we will be continuously updating it with improvements. We have a list of enhancements that we want to make in the near future.

There are actually two mobile versions of the site: one for devices with a touch screen (eg, iPhone), and one for devices without a touch screen (eg, most Blackberries). We detect what browser/operating system you are using and send you to the appropriate version. We may not have captured all of the browser/operating system combinations, so let us know if you have an issue.

I would suggest you bookmark the following link on your mobile device:

This is a link to the TD Mobile Home page. Right now, the only part of the site that is "mobilized" are the message boards.

Keep in mind that we are dealing with a very small screen, so we had to make considerations for horizontal spacing.

For the touch screen version, there are some shortcuts to get you to more advanced paging options within a thread. For example, if there are 10 pages in a thread, it will read "Page x of 10" in the top right of the screen. Click on "Page x of 10" and it will take you to the bottom where you can specify a page to jump to, or go to the first page, last page, etc.

Also, on the touch screen version, "Full Version" is a link that will take you to the regular PC version of that page you are on. At this time, there isn't a convenient way to get back to the mobile version other than to hit the back arrow on the browser, or use your bookmark.

Many of non-touch screen versions have even smaller screens. So, we had to limit the info that could be displayed. But we plan to tweak it to show as much as possible in the future.

Please let us know what you think. If you have any issues, it will be most helpful to know what phone and browser you are using.

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Works perfectly on my iPhone. Thanks!
Reply112 months
this mobile site is nice good work guys :cheers:
Reply115 months

I have a thread on the help board looking for any suggestions for issues I'm having with the mobile site. It's always worked fine for me until this week and now, instead of the simple interface of the mobile site, I get the full site, which is a pain on a phone.

I'm on a Blackberry Storm 2 (yes, a POS, but it's a work issued phone). I haven't made any changes to the browser and I'm using the same bookmark I've always used.

Any assistance/suggestions would be appreciated.

Reply118 months
Great work on the TD Mobile site, Chicken, thanks... :cheers:
Reply120 months
Sent from my HTC HD7, very much a work in progress... :cheers:
120 months
Why not try and make an actual App for the iPhone?
Reply125 months
Thanks Chicken. I was having a frustrating time with the regular web version. Works as great as my sh***y phone works!
Reply129 months wont work on my HTC HD2; it redirects to the main page when i click the '/mobile' linnk. it is apparently reading both my opera browser and ie on my winmobile phone as legit pc browsers. any way of working around this?
129 months

I love the new TD Mobile. It looks and works great on my Blackberry.

Thanks a lot.

Emergent C Steve
Reply133 months
so is there an actual i phone app?
Reply133 months

so is there an actual i phone app?

132 months

so is there an actual i phone app? is just a mobile version of the message boards...
132 months
Notsure if its me or you but page keeps zooming out n in. Difficult to nav
Reply133 months
posting from LG Expo. DoCho is tdmobile!!!

damn this is a sweet phone.
Reply134 months
have you put TD up on the projector yet?
134 months
gotta say, well done..... :cheers:
Reply135 months
Awesome job! :bow:

Is there a way to get a TD icon on my blackberry bold home screen?
134 months
Worked like a charm on my BB. Thanks!
Reply135 months
Chicken, anyway you guys could add the search function to the mobile version?
Reply136 months

anyway you guys could add the search function

What about Subscribe?
136 months
How do I get a TD icon on my iPhone?
Reply136 months
go to in safari
hit the + at the bottom
click add to home screen
136 months
Look at the top where it says "TD mobile" save it as an app. Can we get pics since I helped you?:pimp:
136 months
Great Job. I had the old version I would use on Game days. Just loged in & love the new look. Great job Chicken & Circus Child :bow: :geauxtigers: :cool:
Reply137 months
Fantastic job. Very easy to navigate. :bow:
137 months
Just bookmarked it on my Iphone - looks great.

Reply137 months
Chick I can't see images when they are posted. Am I doing something wrong. From an iPhone
Reply138 months
this is great!
138 months
I had to roll back to an older ROM because the new one was having too many problems and now I'm seeing the non touchscreen version of the site.

here is what I see when I click the link

Mozilla/4.0 (compatible; MSIE 6.0; Windows Mobile CE; IEMobile 8.12; MSIEMobile 6.0) Sprint:PPC6850

the model number is the only thing that changed from the previous time I posted that
Reply138 months
Chicken: I have a Treo 755p through Sprint and the mobile site looks great.

When I clicked your link I get:

Mozilla/4.0 (compatible; MSIE 6.0; Windows98; Palmsource/Palm-D060;Blazer/4.5) 16; 320x320

Avatars,emoticons, and photos are all clear; no more red Xs!

138 months
Hey Chicken, could this be submitted as an iPhone app so that I can insert at TD icon on my iPhone?

That would be sweet.

Great Work, as usual.
Reply138 months
This is greatness. Now we are able to post while at the game.... :lol:
Reply138 months
Nice! Maybe I'll post more now!
138 months
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