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Alabama remains at the top of the latest SEC Power Rankings from ESPN.

1. Alabama: It wasn't the most dominant performance of the season, but in Death Valley with a freshman quarterback and very little working on offense, a 10-point win was more than enough. Even without star safety Eddie Jackson, Alabama's defense continues to be a driving force for the top-ranked Tide. -- Alex Scarborough
Complete Power Rankings:
1. Alabama
2. Auburn
3. Texas A&M
4. LSU
5. Arkansas
6. Florida
7. Tennessee
8. Ole Miss
9. Georgia
10. Mississippi State
11. Kentucky
12. South Carolina
13. Vanderbilt
14. Missouri
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aTm without Knight? May need to pray for the Ag running backs. Unless the SEC Birmingham offices feel aTm is positioned better (i.e. will garner more bowl money than LSU); this scenario is weakened by Florida being without Del Rio, however. See how fun it is to have the SEC office (i.e. refs) run by the gumps?
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LSU will curb stomp Texas AndM with Etling, Harris or even if they make use Jordan Jefferson
Reply77 months
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Just like they were gonna do Bama...and Auburn.
77 months
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You may beat A&M but it won't be because of anything a LSU qb does
76 months
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well yea thats exactly his point dumbass
76 months
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