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The game-winning football that was returned for a touchdown by Auburn’s Chris Davis as time expired in last weekend's Iron Bowl is worth a few bucks. And, if Auburn continues to win, the ball's price tag will continue to grow. From

"The ball boy for Auburn retrieved the ball in midst of the celebration and turned it in to the Tiger’s athletic department, according to The ball technically belongs to Alabama, as they would use their own ball on the field goal attempt, but it is highly unlikely that they want anything to do with that reminder of what could have been. That being said, they may want to reconsider that based upon the current estimated value of it.

Brandon Steiner, founder of Steiner Sports Marketing, told Bloomberg that right now the ball’s value is $50,000. However, that could double if Auburn manages to defeat Missouri in this Saturday’s SEC Championship and sneak into the BCS National Title and win. That’s an amazing value for a piece of memorabilia that was just used in a game four days ago."
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Harvey Updike steals it, deflates it and leaves it on Fosters doorstep as a message.

Only possible outcome.
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