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2019 LSU vs 2020 Bama, by the numbers
Matchup #1: Joe Burrow vs Mac Jones

Completion Percentage
Burrow- 76.3
Jones- 77.4

Yards per Attempt
Burrow- 10.8
Jones- 11.2

TDs per Game
Burrow- 4.3
Jones- 3.2

INTS per game
Burrow- 0.4
Jones- 0.3

Passer Rating
Burrow- 202.0
Jones- 203.1

Looking at these numbers, it seems Mac has Joe beat in 4/5 categories. And the one that he doesn't have Burrow beat in (TDs per game) is probably a result of Jones throwing less in garbage time. Regardless, the winner is clear to me.

Winner: Mac Jones

Matchup #2: Clyde Edwards Helaire vs Najee Harris

Total Yards per Game
CEH- 124.5
Najee- 145.5

Yards per Touch
CEH- 6.9
Najee- 6.6

TDs per game
CEH- 1.1
Najee- 2.0

Fumbles per game
CEH- 0.13
Najee- 0.06

Najee has Clyde beaten in 3/4 categories. Once again, the winner here is obvious.

Winner: Najee Harris

Matchup #3 Devonta Smith vs Jamarr Chase

Yards per Game
Chase- 118.7
Smith- 149.0

TDs per Game
Chase- 1.3
Smith- 1.9

This is the most obvious winner of them all. Smith is better than Chase and it's not even close.

Winner: Devonta Smith

Matchup #4: Jaylen Waddle vs Justin Jefferson

NOTE: For Waddle, I did not include the Tennessee game because he got hurt on the first play. I also did not include last night's game because he wasn't fully healthy and would've started if he was.

Yards per Game
Waddle- 142.8
Jefferson- 102.7

TDs per Game
Jefferson- 1.2
Waddle- 1.0

This one is close. They split the two categories, however, there is a much more stark contrast in Yards per Game than TDs per game.

Winner: Jaylen Waddle

Matchup #5: Bama's OL vs LSU's OL

Sacks per game allowed
LSU- 2.2
Alabama- 1.5

Team Yards per Carry
LSU- 5.0
Alabama- 5.1

Alabama wins both categories. Obvious winner.

Winner: Alabama

Matchup #6: Bama's defense vs LSU's defense

Scoring Defense
LSU- 22.4 allowed
Alabama- 19.4 allowed

Points are the only thing that matter. Bama wins.

Winner: Alabama

Matchup #7: Will Reichard vs Cade York

NOTE: I did not include punters on this list because neither team punted much.

XP Percentage
Cade York- 95.7%
Will Reichard- 100.0%

FG Percentage
Cade York- 77.8%
Will Reichard- 100%

Cade York- 52
Will Reichard- 52

Another easy one. Can't beat perfect.

Winner: Will Reichard

Final Matchup: 2019 LSU vs 2020 Alabama

Matchups won
Bama- 7/7
LSU- 0/7

Average Scoring Margin
Bama- +29.1
LSU- +24.8

Average Rank of Opposing Offense (Power 5 teams only
NOTE: Because everyone knows the SEC is the best conference in football, some of the 2020 stats appear worse than they are due to in conference competition. Because of that, I have adjusted LSU's opponents so their Scoring offense only includes SEC games.

Bama- 56.4
LSU- 56.6

Average Rank of Opposing Defense
Bama- 61.8
LSU- 60.3

I was totally undecided on who was the better team, but after looking at these numbers, there is zero doubt that The 2020 Alabama Crimson Tide is the greatest team ever.

Congratulations guys

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