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re: Original SEC mascots
We've always been the Wildcats. Journalist said we fought like Wildcats in a W over Illinois and it stuck

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While State’s nickname has changed from the Aggies, to the Maroon’s to the Bulldogs, the Bulldog mascot dates back to 1905.

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Fun fact . Aggy band ran over their first dog. And it was a mutt. Not a collie

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It’s my understanding our colors have always been Harvard red and Yale blue. We were previously the “Flood,” which is a really cool mascot when you think about it.

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Alabama actually had a live elephant mascot in the 1940's and 50's. His name was Alamite and every year the Homecoming Queen would ride Alamite into the stadium.

During one period, the Iron Bowl would feature a parade through Birmingham and an elephant and tiger from the Birmingham Zoo would be included to represent the two schools.

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Old Sarge


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Texas A&M:

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Did Dixie ever go near Tuscaloosa? Her Wiki says she was born in Montgomery and was raised in Atlanta. Or did they discover her out in LA?

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I think Auburn has always been the Tigers, though sometimes they have been called the Plainsmen. Auburn, plainsmen, and tigers all come from the Goldsmith poem, "The Deserted Village."

"Sweet Auburn, loveliest village of the plain,
where crouching tigers await their hapless prey”

The burnt orange and navy blue colors came from George Petrie, the first coach, long time history professor, and author of the Auburn Creed. Petrie was a UVA grad and those are also UVA's colors.

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Never knew that. Heard about the goat.

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