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How utterly depressing it must be to be aggy's bitch.

Talk about losing one's manhood.

Piggies, you are pitiful.

Between TheHedges
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That’s like being little brother’s little brother.

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Caraway Rye
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Picking on one of the worst programs in football over the last decade

Just rude

They are so terrible in every possible way that it's not nice.

Being utter garbage does not deserve that treatment

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It's terrible. We apologize to the SEC for losing that game, if only so that we didn't have 20 Aggy threads a day... and apparently some aggy dickriding threads.

Get that whole thing in your mouth LSU.

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Being utter garbage does not deserve that treatment

I was pretty fond of the Arky contingent here until the last week or so.

frick those whiny bitches.

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County Jail
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I was pretty fond of the Arky contingent here until the last week or so.

They got high on the hog and the fall from Grace has been nothing short of melty.

Tenner is going to suffer the same fate as well

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Texas A&M Fan
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Truthfully it wouldn't be that bad this week if they didn't spend the last two weeks running their mouths.

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Of all our games this year, I knew we had better grind out a win against a heavily overranked piglet team. Why? For some stupid reason, Arky fans think they have a good SEC team and coach.

Probably true for 2021 and 2022 to a degree. But they fall back into their cease pool of pig dung next year and beyond.

Laughable really and easily predictable if u ask me.

Mr Sausage
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Big talkers. All that hog talk leading up to the game about some dude named rocket,(who?), Drew Sanders, and KJ Jefferson. They got smacked around again by the Ags.

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Old Sarge
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LSU fan just fondles our balls, they keep Bama inserted in them at all times

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