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College football needs another 2007.
Hear me out.

Attendance is dying. Alabama, Ohio State, and Clemson are the top dogs.

LSU shook things up this year, but even still. Its not like LSU is lacking championship presence lately , at least in the past two decades.

I enjoyed winning it all very much this year, but we need parity. We need a breathe of fresh air. Even in 07 when all hell broke loose, Ohio State was there with LSU.

We need a year where things burn to the ground. And no im not saying LSU needs to win again. Winners become villains eventually.

Utah almost broke a chain of Oklahoma appearances, amd even Oregon is somewhat used to being there. We need a year where you can look at the top 4 and say "good for them".

Even if it means the top dogs fail for a year. Its not like theyll take a talent hit. Just my two cents.

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re: College football needs another 2007.
I agree.

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re: College football needs another 2007.
completely agree. that's also why so many people around the country were pulling for Mississippi state during the 2014 season: they were sick of the same old line up.

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re: College football needs another 2007.

Attendance is dying.

Because interest is dying. College football is becoming stagnant. A major shake-up is needed. Until P5 teams start playing only P5 teams, interest will continue to decline.

Three of four playoff teams were undefeated this year. That’s ridiculous. Selection is still a beauty contest. Stop playing G5 and FCS teams, expand the tourney to eight with all conference champs and three at large entrants, and interest will rise.

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