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re: What is your favorite tool brand?
Festool hand power tools
Felder/Hammer sliding table saws

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re: What is your favorite tool brand?
Based on the amount of time that I physically have to use tools yearly to do minor auto and home repairs I have all Craftsman with the exception of Crescent brand wrenches and Channel Lock brand adjustable wrenches. I even have Craftsman power tools.
If I had these in my hand everyday then I would consider other options.
I have been using Craftsman since the early 80’s. Only once did I have a tool break. A screwdriver. Walked into the store and they exchanged with no questions asked.
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re: What is your favorite tool brand?
Depends on the tool, honestly.

I have the following:
Grizzly planer
JET drum sander
SawStop table saw
Excalibur Scroll saw
Festool hand tools (sanders, routers)
Dewalt miter saw
Porter Cable jointer
Shapeko CNC
Orion 100w laser cutter

Other things I’m forgetting

I usually buy Harbor Freight shite until it breaks and then upgrade to a quality brand. That tells me I use it enough to justify the additional cost. Except the table saw. I went SawStop from the jump.

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re: What is your favorite tool brand?
I have in order of number of tools owned. All for home use.

3.Porter Cable

Ryobi gives you a lot of flexibility in variety of little used tools.

Dewalt is probably more durable but I have yet to prove that.

The Porter Cables I own were an old safety gift (18v) and I can only get batteries on ebay from China.

Corded tools
Ryobi, burned up a ryobi planer once, Replaced with Rigid. misc drills and sanders

Black and Decker, I have a B&D circ saw that is 40 yrs old. Just keeps on going despite heavy use.

Rigid, planer, love it.

Crafstman, table saw burned one up and replaced with same.

FWIW, I have never burned up or tore up any of my tools

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re: What is your favorite tool brand?
For what? Pliers, lineman's, side cutters, etc, I like klein. Slipjoint pliers, I like the Channellock brand. I've had the same socket set for almost 20 years - I think it's Master Mechanic. I use Irwin locking pliers. Never given much thought to crescent wrenches.

For power tools I've used Ridgid, DeWalt, and Makita. I'd go with whichever one has the best warranty.

ETA: I love Klein screwdrivers too.
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re: What is your favorite tool brand?
Klein Tools
Yellow Jacket
MAC tools

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re: What is your favorite tool brand?
Milwaukee makes the best battery powered hand tools. That’s a period at the end of that sentence.

Non power tools.......personal preference, I hate Snap-on screw driver handles. Come on Snap-on, does my hand look square?

Oh, Danny Carey. Epic drummer.

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re: What is your favorite tool brand?
Whatever's free. Rarely use anything besides a screwdriver.

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